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The total price of an installment loan is based on the loan amount requested. In addition, there are the costs for the interest and any additional costs that may arise, which regularly include a discount or a residual debt insurance requested by the bank. The borrower can have an effective installment loan price comparison carried out on the Internet. There are so-called credit comparison portals that have installment loan calculators. These calculate the conditions of the desired loan on the basis of the consumer information.

Pay installment loan price comparison carefully

Pay installment loan price comparison carefully

Before carrying out an installment loan price comparison, consumers should be aware of the key points of an installment loan. Of course, these include the loan amount to be applied for. In addition, a term should be set for the borrower to repay the loan amount taken out. This is accompanied by a determination of the monthly payments to be made. The following applies: the lower the monthly rates, the longer the term.

Simply calculate installment loans and compare them online. Compare installment loans now for free and without obligation.

Take into account the effective interest rate

Take into account the effective interest rate

Another important criterion in relation to the installment loan price comparison is the effective interest rate. This differs from the nominal interest rate in that it also takes into account the additional costs mentioned. In connection with the interest rate, consumers should make sure when comparing the credit whether the respective lender has labeled their offer with the fixed interest rate. Often, instead of the fixed interest rate, interest rates depend on the creditworthiness and vary depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Consult financing examples

Consult financing examples

As part of the installment loan price comparison, loan calculator portals often provide certain financing examples. These indicate the monthly rate, the interest rate and the term of a certain loan amount. The following applies here: Financing examples and proposals are a good way to get a first idea of ​​your own financing project. However, the terms of your own loan can sometimes differ significantly from these advantageous calculations by the lender.

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Financing your vacation by purchasing credits Sun, 29 Mar 2020 16:46:28 +0000

Do you want to escape? Have you found a promotion for a trip that made you dream? Have you taken a loan to finance your vacation or on the contrary have too many credits to finance your vacation? Our credit buy-back solutions can allow you to leave peacefully, without straining your budget.

The budget: the key to a successful holiday

The budget: the key to a successful holiday

Treks, hikes, beaches, mountains, skiing, lazy windsurfing or cultural festivals: the holidays are expensive. Between accommodation, food, travel/transport, plane/train/tolls, and outings/activity, the vacation budget can quickly explode the meters.

In France, in 2012, 32 million people went on vacation. Unfortunately, 2 years later, in 2014, the holidaymaker count was 1 million less. In the question: the budget of course. Because it has continued to drop since 2012. At the time, it was around $ 1,200. In 2015, it will be barely 900 $, according to an OpinionWay survey for Binary Lender and Across Lender.

However, holidays are essential to regenerate for the rest of the year, have a good time, relax and enjoy, etc. Should budget problems prevent you from taking this privileged time? Not necessarily: whether before or after departure, buying back vacation credits can allow you to finance your escape.

Buyback vacation credits: before, after, it’s up to you

Buyback vacation credits: before, after, it

There are several solutions for buying back vacation credits.

You can for example completely realize a grouping of loans with the provision of cash before leaving. The cash can then be used to finance the holidays in complete peace of mind, without affecting your savings.

If, on the other hand, you do not have savings, then it may be better to favor a grouping of loans including a consumer credit which will be used to finance the holidays.

Finally, it is entirely possible to buy back credits after the holidays. Indeed :

  • You have taken a loan to finance your vacation and, once you have returned to real life, you realize that managing your daily budget will be difficult;
  • You have exhausted your cash or savings to finance your vacation and, once returned, you need to replenish a security reserve.

In either case, buying back vacation credits allows you to cope and clean up your budget while having fun.

Depending on your personal, family, professional situation and your saver profile, loan consolidation brokers for more than 15 years, we will be able to find the financing solution that best suits you so that your budget is no longer a dead weight to drag. With the purchase of holiday credits, enjoy life to the fullest!


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Instant credit within 24 hours Sat, 07 Mar 2020 05:48:38 +0000

The payment of the requested amount within two bank working days is the typical product feature of an instant loan. The two-day period is necessary because banks licensed in Germany have to wait for the Postident form to be received before the loan is paid out. An even faster payout is tied to different requirements, but is certainly possible.

Requirements for the immediate loan payment in 24 hours

Requirements for the immediate loan payment in 24 hours

In order for the bank to be able to pay out an instant loan within 24 hours, the Postident procedure must be superfluous. This applies to existing customers. Furthermore, some direct banks also maintain a small number of branches and enable applicants living close to them to present their ID cards personally at the counter. A flash transfer also allows the immediate loan to be paid out within 24 hours, but is associated with high additional costs.

Most often, credit institutions with a Luxembourg banking license offer instant credit within 24 hours. In contrast to German money houses, they may recognize a faxed photocopy of their ID card as proof of identity. According to the free movement within the EU, this regulation also applies if you operate branches in Germany with the license obtained in the Grand Duchy. Naturally, an instant loan can only be paid out within 24 hours if the application is not submitted on Friday or before a public holiday or is free of work at the location of the banks involved.

The lender and the bank holding the applicant’s checking account are involved in the transfer of an instant loan. Lenders therefore pay attention to the state in which the branch of the selected loan bank is located. Another requirement for the loan payment within 24 hours is that the applicant faxes all requested documents to the bank.

Do not forego the credit comparison

Do not forego the credit comparison

If consumers want to receive an instant loan within 24 hours, they often do without a price comparison because of the necessary speed of lending. This can be done easily online and does not take much time. However, the price differences between different instant credit banks mean that borrowers easily pay unnecessarily high interest rates without making a price comparison.

The other contractual conditions also differ for the individual offers for instant loans with payment within 24 hours. The agreement to be able to make free special repayments at any time is advantageous for the consumer.

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How long does it take to start a mortgage? – Get a loan now! Sat, 29 Feb 2020 08:12:25 +0000



Starting a mortgage is a transfer of funds in the amount of the loan granted to us by the bank. Before we can dispose of them, we still have a few formalities

Mobilization of a mortgage – conditions

Mobilization of a mortgage - conditions

What conditions we have to meet to launch a mortgage is contained in the agreement we signed with the bank. It is all about adequate security, eg buying life or unemployment insurance. You may also need property insurance.

What we have to do after signing the loan agreement is the transfer of ownership of the purchased property. This must be a preliminary notary agreement or immediately a purchase / sale agreement. The notarial deed must contain such data as payment dates and amounts, which we have agreed with the developer or owner of the property and the amount of own contribution (we do not include credit funds). Let us remember that this data will be required by the bank before the mortgage is issued.

Do you want to get a loan? You must have a notarial deed!

Do you want to get a loan? You must have a notarial deed!

Before the bank pays out the loan, it will ask us for a notarial deed and proof that we have paid our part of the price. Depending on the specific bank, other additional requirements may also appear. If we plan to allocate the funds from the loan for building a house, we will have to attach the building permit to the required documents. Sometimes the condition for starting a loan may also be the purchase of other products offered by the bank (eg opening a personal account or having a credit card). Often, agreeing to this is necessary to take advantage of the promotion or to receive a loan on better terms. It may also happen that in exchange for eg issuing a credit card the bank will offer us a reduction in the margin.

Some banks go a step further and expect future borrowers not only to buy other payment instruments, but also to actively use them. Sometimes, to get a loan in a given bank we will have to open an account and declare the amount of monthly inflows. It may also be necessary to perform a given number of non-cash transactions, or to perform operations for a specified amount. In a situation where we do not meet these conditions (remember that we agreed to them by signing the contract) the bank will have the right to raise our margin to normal (and not promotional) amount.

How long does it take to start a mortgage?

How long does it take to start a mortgage?

At the stage of signing the loan agreement, let’s look at how and when the funds will be paid to us. Unfavorable conditions for disbursement of the loan, eg disbursement in tranches, may make it difficult for us to buy the dream property.

The duration of the mortgage loan depends on its amount, type and financial policy of a particular bank. It is also important how quickly we will complete the formalities required from us. The sooner we complete this task, the faster the money will be in our account. It takes from a few to several days to start the mortgage.

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Early mortgage loan repayment – is it worth it? Sun, 16 Feb 2020 08:07:06 +0000

A mortgage is a heavy burden on your daily household budget. By spreading into monthly installments, which are often repaid over years, always a percentage of our income goes towards the repayment of this commitment. However, it may turn out that you will gain funds faster to get rid of the loan. Early mortgage repayment – is it worth it?

It is difficult to find a person who in the long run does not dream of owning their own apartment or house. A permanent flat gives not only a sense of satisfaction, but also security and peace. It is a space to rest, spend free time, develop your hobby, indulge in cooking, watch movies or work. A place where you can watch for years how the family grows and changes, and with it – the whole environment.

Mortgage – a popular way to get your own four angles

Mortgage - a popular way to get your own four angles

In monthly commitments, there are plenty of costly commitments that can effectively hinder the deposition of larger sums of money. The fact that many consumers are trying to accumulate as much savings as possible for expenses similar to buying a new apartment. Unfortunately, the collection of sums within a quarter of a million dollars and more – may run out of time. So how can it help you get your dream four angles?

It is a mortgage, also commonly referred to as a flat loan. In short, it is a commitment given by the bank for a specific purpose – the purchase of an apartment or real estate. By transferring a specific sum of money, the consumer buys the indicated property in which the mortgage register is entered. Estimation of the value of the property is done by an expert acting on behalf of the bank. In turn, the terms of the mortgage are tailored individually to the consumer on the basis of a long verification phase.

Credit parameters are selected by assessing creditworthiness, as well as by verifying the amount of earnings, monthly obligations, marital status, dependents and the age of the consumer. Finally, the bank calculates the total loan amount. It adds additional costs to it, such as a commission, a fixed interest margin or interest. In total, the monthly loan installment is calculated, which includes all these parameters – both the loan amount and all costs.

How is the mortgage repaid?

The consumer undertakes to pay the installments of the loan in a fixed amount for a specified period determined from above. This is done monthly, usually for many years, e.g. 10, 15 or 25 years. The borrower, after obtaining the loan, is obliged to use it for a predetermined purpose. In addition – he has to pay it back conscientiously in specified amounts, on time, with continuity and regularly. In this way, every month you should remember to deduct a certain amount from the payment to pay the mortgage.

But what if an unexpected scenario occurs in the future? Many consumers on this issue are looking for information on the Internet about the unexpected deterioration of their finances, wondering whether, for example, you can extend the repayment deadline or postpone paying the installment. Random events are not only negative, but also – if not seen – positive. It may turn out that the borrower’s financial standing has improved significantly over the life of the loan.

Not only did his monthly income and the corresponding standard of living increase, but his ability to meet his obligations also improved. After such an improvement, the consumer may often be able to pay off his mortgage much faster. A loan for an apartment is a burden on monthly expenses and many are trying to get rid of its yoke as soon as possible. Is accelerated repayment of this obligation really a solution that gives peace of mind and relief?

How can you reduce the duration of the loan?

How can you reduce the duration of the loan?

The duration of the loan, although determined when signing the contract with the bank is set as a fixed and binding parameter, in some cases it may change. Just as consumers in a worse financial situation can negotiate an extension of the repayment time, so can consumers with a good period for their budget can request a shorter repayment period. How can you try to pay the amount due faster?

  1. The first way to deal with the loan faster can be to make one or regularly paid overpayments. The consumer may pay an installment for the loan in an amount greater than the payment he has undertaken to make. In this way, the remaining part of the loan payable decreases faster. Maybe even thanks to a one-off overpayment, it will be repaid more quickly. This happens if, let’s assume, there is not much left to complete the loan.
  2. The second way is to pay a significant sum of money once, in order not to overpay, but to assume accelerated repayment of the total value of the loan. This is an activity that dramatically speeds up the loan repayment deadline and allows you to get rid of it quickly. Unfortunately, this is not without the costs to be borne by the bank.
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Debt loan – what is it? Where to infer? Wed, 12 Feb 2020 05:32:19 +0000

The incurring of a single commitment is for many consumers a great burden on the household budget. If you are in financial trouble, many take the risky decision to take another loan to repay your existing one. This is a simple path to debt. A debt loan may be the solution. What is he about?

At some point, many Poles face the decision to take a bank loan. Sometimes it is motivated by the need to obtain an emergency injection of cash for an urgent or unexpected expense. At other times, you simply need more resources at the moment that you don’t have.

As you know, obtaining a loan is not so simple. Banks operate on relatively strict terms, making a careful selection among their clients. Those who will have good credit standing are desirable. This parameter is assessed on the basis of, among others entries in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), i.e. a register collecting information on the repayment of existing bank and loan obligations.

In addition, the current financial position is also assessed. The loan will not be obtained by a person who receives very low income with a large amount of liabilities. Commitments, by which is understood inter alia Monthly expenses for housing (rent, bills), as well as the issue of maintaining yourself and any third parties, is the third key aspect. When issuing a positive decision to obtain a loan, the bank states that the person is financially reliable for him and is able to lend him a certain amount of money under certain conditions.

Anyone can fall into debt

Anyone can fall into debt

Borrowing in Poland has become so popular that it can already be called something common. According to statistics of the Association of Polish Banks (ZBP), 15 million Poles declare that they own or at least once had a loan. The total value of bank liabilities was estimated at $ 576 billion, at the same time providing the estimated amount of debt due to late repayment of the bank loan 1.

Although not many people who take on their shoulders really take into account the fact that they may have problems with its repayment in the future, falling into debt is a big problem among many borrowers. In 2016, the total amount of financial arrears due to late repayments amounted to $ 53.7 billion 2. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Often, people planning to pay their debts on time face unexpected obstacles, such as illness, accident, destruction of a valuable item that needs repair, etc.

Others may also be in financial trouble by losing a steady source of income, e.g. by dismissal, the fall of a workplace, or a reduction of jobs. Such people, until now having all expenses in a relative order, lose financial liquidity. To protect themselves from the specter of debt collection and bailiffs, many are looking for a way in other bank loans or loans. Unfortunately, incurring one liability to pay the other one can, however, lead to even greater financial problems. This is commonly called a loop or spiral of debt.

Debt loan – what is it

Debt loan - what is it

Are there, then, any effective ways to get out of the vicious circle, which is undoubtedly incurring obligations to repay previous ones, so as to avoid obtaining the status of a debtor and the unpleasant consequences that come with it? Financial institutions try to meet the needs of consumers in this situation. For people who have more than one financial liability on their mind, it may be a good idea to take a debt loan.

A debt loan is nothing but a loan that is taken to repay all existing financial debts. One large liability is incurred, and the total amount of debt arising from other loans and other liabilities (e.g. loans) is settled from the funds obtained. After repayment, the consumer is only required to settle the amount of the debt loan. The repayment is, of course, in the form of monthly installments, in the amount previously agreed by the consumer and the negotiator.

A debt loan can be a good solution and a last resort before falling into serious debts. These may eventually result in the actions of debt collection companies, and ultimately the bailiff. Avoiding the actions of these entities will no longer be possible, and the consumer is exposed in such a situation to the loss of valuable parts of the property and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Debt loan – where it can be obtained and what conditions must be met

Debt loan - where it can be obtained and what conditions must be met

Once you know the theoretical part, it’s time to go to practice. Many consumers may wonder where it will be possible to get a debt loan? Well, today they are widely offered in various non-bank institutions, which sometimes specialize only in granting loans to people with debts. Due to the large diversity of the market offer, it is difficult to determine the clear conditions that must be met by applicants for a debt loan. However, you can easily specify sample entries.

  • Some companies may find it necessary to receive regular income from a legitimate source. To this end, the borrower may be asked to provide a certificate from the employer that documents seniority and earnings. Others may request, for example, an account statement documenting regular payments to the account.
  • The debt granting institution may also check consumer data in financial registers and debtors’ databases. BIK (Credit Information Bureau) and the BIG (Economic Information Bureaus) database, i.e. BIG InfoMonitor, KRD (National Debt Register), ERIF or KBIG (National Economic Information Bureau) can be checked. The assessment of these entries is intended to provide an overview of the consumer’s financial situation from the side of his obligations.

The debt grantor will also ask you for the exact list of debtors and full-time debt. You will need to provide:

  • The total amount of debt.
  • The number of individual creditors and their names, as well as the detailed amount of debt owed to each of them and the time when the debt appeared.

Debt loan – is it worth it? tips

Debt loan - is it worth it? tips

Is taking a debt loan worth the attention? The consumer should precede the decision to incur such a commitment with a detailed analysis of his financial situation. He should remember the following basic guidelines.

  1. It is worth to write down your home budget in detail. The debt loan will cover the high value liabilities incurred so far, but it is also an expense in itself. For this reason, it will be good to plan your expenses for the coming months, taking into account the need to repay subsequent installments. You may need to limit or forego some expenses. It may be difficult at the moment, but in the long run – it’s worth paying the price for living without debts.
  2. Carefully read the market offer. A lot of companies specialize in debt relief loans today, which intensively operate and advertise on the Internet. It is worth taking a long moment to familiarize yourself with the parameters of several selected institutions and compare them with each other. We recommend – pay attention to the terms and conditions of the offer, terms and conditions for clients, debt costs (commission, interest rate) and check the company’s details. We are talking here about both the NIP number and the entry into the National Court Register, as well as the address and telephone number. Also check online reviews of the company, preferably from various sources, to avoid the risk of stumbling reviews.
  3. Present your financial situation clearly. If you manage to find an offer worth your attention and decide to use it, you will not avoid talking to a consultant about the state of your current finances. It is worth presenting them in a clear and honest manner, as well as negotiating the loan terms and conditions with the company’s employee. The purpose of the commitment is to free yourself from the yoke of debt, so in the interest of the consumer is to get money in the appropriate amount, which he will then be able to return.

Debt loan and consolidation loan – differences

Debt loan and consolidation loan - differences

In the context of financial commitments to help free yourself from debt, in addition to the term “debt loan” you often hear another word – consolidation loan. There is a big difference between these types of loans, though you may sometimes find them as alternate expressions. In fact, they have only one thing in common. Both commitments are made to repay their financial backlogs to free themselves from the debt loop.

On the basis of differences, they are more important. First of all, consolidation loans are financial products obtainable in the banking sector. It offers PKO Bank Polski. Debt loans are unheard of in banks’ offers. As mentioned above, non-bank companies specialize in them today, sometimes based solely on debt loans.

Such obligations can be obtained even by people with a negative credit history, who show a serious increase in debts. Banks are closed to such clients (they do not grant loans to consumers with poor creditworthiness), which is why the creation of a debt loan service is a kind of financial market response to the needs of consumers. However, you should be aware of the side effect associated with it. About this in the section below.

Debt loan – the biggest disadvantages

Debt loan - the biggest disadvantages

The assumption of a debt loan is a convenient solution for people in financial difficulties. However, it is not free from defects. The institution granting such an obligation must somehow profit from activities that are quite risky. After all, giving loans to people without good credit standing gives you less guarantee of getting your money back. Non-banking companies compensate for this by charging high costs of commitments.

In a monthly installment they may not be clearly visible, but in general and after the loan amount has been compared with the total amount of the liability – the scale is noticeable. Non-bank companies will charge a large commission, preparation fee and interest, which for the client will mean a significant expense associated with the return of the loan. On the other hand, bearing in mind the goal of freeing yourself from debts – even such an expensive loan can be worth the money.

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Loan despite Credit Bureau entry with guarantors Sat, 08 Feb 2020 05:39:53 +0000

Credit Bureau provides information about the creditworthiness of the lender. If this is negative, there is usually no lending because banks want to hedge against the default risk. There are many people who have a negative entry in Credit Bureau due to a financial imbalance. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a loan. The loan despite Credit Bureau entry with guarantors enables a loan that results from a financial bottleneck or enables an important purchase.

Loan with guarantor

Loan with guarantor

If your own solvency is not sufficient for a loan or financing, then despite the Credit Bureau entry with guarantors, the loan offers an alternative. Banks require collateral if a loan is to be approved even though the borrower has a negative rating. This is a generally accepted procedure. The surety is one of these guarantees. The guarantor or guarantors have to meet various requirements for the guarantee to be valid: on the one hand, the Credit Bureau information must be positive and, on the other hand, regular income must be proven.

The surety can also be entitled to financial reserves or real estate. The loan, despite Credit Bureau entry with guarantors, is secure for the credit institution, because if there are defaults in the credit rates or the loan is not serviced, the guarantor takes the place of the borrower and takes over the payments.

Guarantee as security

Guarantee as security

In the case of a loan with Credit Bureau entry with guarantors, the guarantor assumes a joint and several guarantee, which can be used immediately if there can be default on payments. The credit despite Credit Bureau entry with guarantors has the advantage that the interest can be lower and the loan can be granted despite credit problems. The loan in spite of Credit Bureau entry and with a guarantee is one way that gives the bank security and enables the borrower to get the loan.

If the borrower serves the loan properly, the guarantor does not have to pay. The credit agreement is only extended by a passage in which the guarantor is entered. The borrower only has to provide a surety and the bank has to accept it. Even with people with low income, a loan with a surety is an alternative that can make a loan possible.

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How long is the online payday loan in bank? Tue, 04 Feb 2020 08:35:48 +0000

Lite Bank is present as a private branch bank nationwide with well over three hundred branches. It is a subsidiary of the Spanish Lite Bank SA with its headquarters in the city of the same name in Calabria. Lite Bank’s online payday loan differs from the online banks’ online payday loans in several ways.

They have a single central administrative seat and no branch network. The customer must communicate online, which is one of several offers at Lite Bank. Here, the customer can alternatively visit a branch and possibly have the online application processed further on site.

About two weeks from submitting the application to payment

About two weeks from submitting the application to payment

The loan can be applied for online on the Lite Bank website. This is as interesting as it is helpful for those who are unable to visit one of the branches. With the loan calculator, the applicant can determine all the essential details in advance with the loan amount, term and the monthly installment.

The application itself is divided into five areas
• Personal Information
• Employment details
• Revenue expenditure
• Loan application
• Bank details

The content and the creditworthiness check are carried out immediately after receipt of the application. If the credit rating is positive, the credit contract and documents for further processing are sent by post. Experience has shown that the application process takes several working days up to this point, and can also quickly take up to a week, including the weekend.

Now it is the turn of the loan seeker. He can speed up the application process by having all proof of income ready and carrying out the Postident procedure in the local branch of Deutsche Post AG as quickly as possible.

It takes one to three working days for these documents to be available at Lite Bank in Mönchengladbach. Including the subsequent loan processing through to online payment, the applicant must expect another one or two working days. The period of two weeks, from online application to online credit, is a very realistic time frame.

Lite Bank online payday loan with Credit Bureau

Lite Bank online loan with Credit Bureau

As a branch bank, Lite Bank is a Credit Bureau business partner. The Credit Bureau score is literally the measure of things for the credit check of the online application. Negative entries lead to a low score. This in turn means that the online payday loan is highly unlikely to be approved in this way.

Conversely, the loan disbursed is entered as information in the Credit Bureau database. Banks and savings banks that cooperate with Credit Bureau are committed to this mutual information. You want to avoid a possible credit default risk, which is reflected in a low Credit Bureau score.

Send documents in advance to Lite Bank by fax

Send documents in advance to Lite Bank by fax

From his point of view, the applicant can influence the procedure by copying the documents sent by post and sending them in advance to Lite Bank by fax. You can then continue working on the loan there, while the original documents are sent by post to Mönchengladbach. The time saved is manageable; in individual cases, however, it can be helpful every day on which the Lite Bank online credit is credited to the applicant’s checking account earlier.

However, there is not much that can be changed in terms of the general duration of well over one to two weeks.

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Credit for debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau – replace a high-interest loan with a cheaper loan Wed, 29 Jan 2020 05:43:36 +0000

Having Credit Bureau is colloquially equivalent to having at least one negative characteristic. In fact, credit protection is available for almost every inhabitant, mostly neutral information such as existing loans and existing bank accounts.

Debt restructuring is used to replace a high-interest loan with a cheaper loan. It can also be considered if the borrower is dependent on the reduction of the monthly installment and the previous contracting partner does not agree to a desired extension of the loan term.

The practical handling of a debt rescheduling loan

The practical handling of a debt rescheduling loan

Despite Credit Bureau, consumers can get a loan for a debt rescheduling more easily than a stand-alone loan, since their total burden does not increase. In addition, they have proven their basic creditworthiness by paying the installments incurred so far, regardless of the existing Credit Bureau entry. As it is common for bank information to be requested for debt rescheduling applications despite Credit Bureau, consumers must not be in arrears at any current rate at the time of application. After approval, the new lender largely does not transfer the loan to the customer’s checking account, despite Credit Bureau for the debt rescheduling, but replaces the existing liabilities directly.

Deposits by third parties are not permitted in individual cases – especially in the case of credit card accounts, so that these partial amounts as well as the portion of the debt rescheduling intended for bank account settlement are transferred to the customer account as an exception. If some liabilities, such as a car loan or an installment payment, have a lower interest rate than the debt rescheduling loan, it is actually not advisable to settle them for economic reasons. Most banks, however, require a debt including all liabilities for a debt rescheduling despite Credit Bureau.

Are debt restructuring possible without Credit Bureau?

Are debt restructuring possible without Credit Bureau?

Although Swiss financial institutions grant Credit Bureau-free loans, consumers can only take out a loan from Credit Bureau for rescheduling through an intermediary, since the federal credit institution only grants amounts of up to $ 3500 directly. When selecting their agent, applicants should ensure that they only charge them an appropriate placement fee and no upfront costs.

In addition, a debt rescheduling, unless it is due to an imperative reduction in the monthly payments, only makes sense if the cost savings are sufficient. In addition to the prepayment penalties that may have to be paid for the early settlement of existing liabilities, the agency commission is also to be recognized as costs.

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Central Region Credit Redemption Sat, 04 Jan 2020 08:17:34 +0000

Opting for a credit consolidation in the Center region

Opting for a credit consolidation in the Center region

According to the many reports (including the report ), the center of France is one of the regions where the quality of life is rather favorable. To make the ranking, took into account several indicators such as:

  • Death rate,
  • the rate of divorces,
  • the amount of annual income,
  • the cost of living ,
  • the graduation rate,
  • the employment rate .

It should be noted that all socio-professional categories are concerned by indebtedness, even if the spouses work full-time. Moreover, the average indebtedness, registered by the Bank of France, is close to USD 40,501 for the Center region. In order to boost purchasing power and earn a living, banks and credit agencies provide loan consolidation; a financing solution that allows you to live more comfortably. Why ?

First of all, you need to know that the more you accumulate credits ( loan for the purchase of a vehicle, loan to finance electronic products … ), the less you manage to manage your budget correctly, especially in case of imponderables like a breakdown. of vehicles or school fees of a child.

The mechanism of credit redemption

The mechanism of credit redemption

The mechanism for buying back credits is as follows:

  • The borrower calculates the total amount of the outstanding balance of his credits.
  • A financial institution studies the application by proposing a loan of a value equivalent to the amount of credits to be paid. The loan is subject to an interest rate.
  • The organization makes a loan offer . After agreement, the organization is responsible for closing the credits .
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