Quick credits with Finance company: everything you need to know

There are many circumstances for which at a specific moment we may urgently need an amount of money that we do not have. One of the fastest ways of financing for these occasions is the fast loans that we can now access online, through financial entities that offer loans online, as is the case of Astro Finance. We are a private credit institution that, thanks to a state-of-the-art technology, can send you up to 5,000 dollars to your account without leaving home and in the fastest way you can imagine.

How quickly a loan is granted depends on the provider or financial or banking entity that issues it. Each supplier can vary their process and therefore the time it takes in the following operations:

  • Requirements to apply for the loan: what is necessary to request the loan
  • Risk / solvency analysis of the applicant: process by which it is verified that the applicant may face the debt
  • Credit issuance: time it takes for the money to reach the customer’s account

Having these three processes as a reference, we can see the difference between requesting a fast credit online or requesting it from a traditional bank. The more laborious the process, the longer it will take the user to obtain his loan.


Apply for quick credits at a traditional bank or apply online

Apply for quick credits at a traditional bank or apply online

A banking entity, the first thing the applicant is going to ask is to prove their income through a payroll or other similar proof of income. These revenues must be regular and of a sufficient amount to be able to demonstrate that credit can be met. On other occasions, a guarantor is also required, a person who, with his income or material assets, responds to the payment of the debt if the principal applicant cannot cope at any time.

All this process takes time and the applicant will have to visit the bank more than once to discuss the terms of the loan. In addition, there are times when the bank needs to hire products linked to credit, such as a credit card or insurance.

On the other hand, fast loans of Astro Finance can be requested from any place and device, the only thing necessary is to have an Internet connection. The requirements to apply for loans on our website are the following, if you meet them and your credit is approved, in a few minutes we will proceed to issue the money:

  • Be over 18 and resident in Spain
  • Be a bank account holder
  • Have an email address and a phone number available

As for the solvency assessment system (risk analysis), while the bank studies the documentation provided, Astro Finance uses an algorithm by which the data provided in the online application form is analyzed in just a few minutes. Therefore, we can assure you that the process to request a loan in Astro Finance is fast and once the loan has been granted, it will take the money to arrive at the client’s account, which will take the bank transfer.


How long does it take to apply for fast credits

How long does it take to apply for fast credits

By working one hundred percent online and with total discretion guaranteed, Astro Finance becomes the perfect solution for fast credit. Our procedure is simple: you choose the amount you need and the deadlines in which you want to return it and from there you will go to the application process through the online form.

The application form for the quick credits of Astro Finance is completely simplified, so the estimated time to fill in all fields is estimated not to exceed 5-10 minutes. We only ask the necessary data to analyze the solvency of the applicant in record time.


When will the money arrive in my account

credit limit

The algorithm with which we work in Astro Finance is able to value thousands of data in a matter of minutes, which allows us to communicate whether your fast online loan has been approved, or not. This decision will be communicated to you in a matter of minutes and if the fast credit has been approved and you agree with its conditions, we will proceed to issue the money immediately to the bank or PayPal account.

The time it takes for the funds to arrive at the client’s account depends on how long the bank transfer takes. In some cases, such as on weekends or holidays, the operation may take up to 48 hours due to the restricted hours of some banks on these specific days.


Types of fast credits offered by Astro Finance

Types of fast credits offered by MoneyVibe Finance

Fast online credits offered by Astro Finance are characterized by the following:

Flexibility: the customer is the one who chooses from the first moment on how many installments he wishes to repay the loan quickly.

Simplicity: to make the return even easier, we allow you to set up recurring payments so that you never forget to pay any fees.

Speed: we have devised the process in the most agile way possible so that you can enjoy the immediacy that you require on certain occasions

Transparency: we promise to be clear with our customers. That is why you will know at all times the total amount to be paid from your loan with the corresponding interest and commissions. Everything is clearly detailed on our website and in the loan contract.

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